Fishing & Living celebrates National Education Day

May 2015

Celebrating National Education Day every 2nd of May, Fishing & Living sponsored an Road awareness event bringing together Gianyar and Denpasar Traffic Police troops to a Public Elementary School in Lebih (Bali, Indonesia), where 70% of the students there are children of fishermen. Student from 5th to 6th grade  received a Road Safety orientation to raise awareness on the rules of the road and safety. Students also received a brief orientation about Marine Conservation and Sustainability from representatives of our partner NGO (MDPI).

At the end of orientation, the 5ht and 6th students received a national standardized white helmet and story book about sustainability. 1st to 4th grade student received a small package with a notebook and writing stationary. This allows many fishermen’ children to have essential supplies necessary to be safe on the road, and start spreading the word of sustainability in their neighborhood.

Many children ride on motorbike as passenger without a helmet due to limited means and low awareness about road safety. Fishing & Living is committed to take part in the education and social activities among fishermen, including their families and communities.