Morotai and Ternate

Where does your tuna come from?

Morotai and Ternate are located in North Maluku and the Yellowfin tuna handline fisheries here received MSC certification in 2021. Fishermen live with their families in small coastal communities from which fishermen predominantly go fishing in the Molluca and Halmahera seas.

How was your tuna caught?

Handline fishermen in North Maluku catch Yellowfin tuna using small single-handed boats that go out to sea for 1 day at a time. Fishermen travel out to sea in groups and locate tuna schools using natural cues such as dolphins or birds, as tuna naturally associate with these. Fishermen then use highly selective handline gear: one man, one line, one hook, one tuna. An average daily catch usually consists of 1 to 3 fish.