F&L Team Supports Victims of Flooding

September 2013

On July 25, there was a big flood in Negeri Lima village, Central Maluku district and the flooding wiped out the village as it is located right downhill of the dam. The rain poured heavily for days and the dam broke down. The water rushed down to the village at high speeds and was reported to reach 5 meters high. The villagers had to flee from their village and stay in refugee camps during the last week of the Ramadhan. Some people are still reported missing.

The devastated village is
located only 5 minutes from our Fishing & Living Data Collection Station in Assilulu, Ambon Maluku so we sent help and support to the IDPs (Internally Displaced Person). Our enumerators in Assilulu received donated money from our office in Bali to purchase rice, instant noodles, eggs, and cooking oil. They made sure to deliver it directly to the IDPs.