MDPI visits school in Lombok to learn about the Ocean

April 2014

MDPI visits elementary students in East Lombok to learn about the functioning of the ocean in an interactive awareness event

One of the fishing communities in which MDPI works is Labuan, East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Unfortunately, we still see that not all of the fishermen are as yet fully aware of the importance of sustainable fishing . The school where most of the children of the fishermen are students is called SDN 9. It is fair to presume that some of these children may follow in their father’s footsteps and become fisherman . So, the MDPI team sees this as a perfect place to instil awareness to children of the fishermen on the importance of sustainable fishing ….. with the hope of creating a generation of environmentally conscious and sustainable fishers for the future.

An MDPI initiated socialization activity was held last March 8, 2014 , at the elementary School SDN9, Labuan Lombok . Participants of the activity were students from grade 5 and 6.

Presentations on the importance of sustainable fishing; the impact of ocean dumping; protected marine animals and their importance in the ecosystem were given. Additionally, we tried to provide an understanding of the various fishing gears , both selective and environmentally friendly as well as less selective types such as trawling and then destructive fishing gears such as bombing and poison. An important point of emphasis was that we are all part of the next generation of sustainability in Indonesia.

In addition to delivery of these presentations, the MDPI team also introduced the theme of a sustainable fishery through fishing games and watching videos . The fishing games aims was to determine the actions of the participants if they become fishermen and emphasize that animals such as turtles , dolphins , whales , manta rays, and sharks are supposed to be protected and not to be caught . The video which was most enjoyed by the children was one which tells about the journey of life cycle and survival rate of sea turtles in the wild .

To determine the level of student understanding of the material that was discussed we then conducted a question and answer round with the participants. From the questions and answers given by the students, it can be concluded that most of the participants have started to understand the theories and ideas we tried to transfer to them.

Both the teachers and the students were enthusiastic and happy with the conducted activity . Mr. Junaidi, the principal welcomed us immensely and said that the school will continue to support events like this, because he considers them to be benefits for the future of the children in understanding these extra-curricular lessons . The school also hopes that the activities undertaken by MDPI in SDN 9, Labuan Lombok this march is the first of many such events to come!