October 2012

Bone_socializationOur strategy is not just telling the fishermen that they must engage sustainable practices at once but, by introducing them to the idea and following up by teaching them step by step actions regarding sustainability.  Our team travels from one village to the next to meet with the local fishermen and teach the the fundamentals of fisheries sustainability and what will be the future if we do not act now.

Fishing and Living always cares about the sustainability of the fishermen and the fish.  By providing good information we strongly believe that the artisanal and small-scale fishermen will be spearheading the effort of fisheries sustainability in Indonesia.


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Providing drinking water to orphanages and schools

Access to safe drinking water is absolutely essential to the maintenance of life and is officially recognized by the UN […]

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2022 Beach Clean Up

Anova’s annual beach clean up was held at Mertasari Beach Sanur this year on the morning of the 10th June. […]

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Ocean Bound Plastic – Anova’s CSR project keeping plastic out of our oceans

With plastic pollution in ours oceans becoming an increasingly large concern, and with Anova’s business operating under the philosophy of […]

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