May 2013

P1010394After completing another Fishing & Living training  and office setup on Ambon Island in Molucca (21-27 April), we now have 7 active Fishing & Living Enumerator Stations and Fishermen Livelihood Centers’ which accommodate port sampling activities by 25  F&L enumerators. Additionally, these offices are meeting points for the fishermen, the local government officials, the suppliers, traders and other interested parties.


April 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur team of trainers have  just finished their third training for 2013. This time 4 new enumerators were hired and trained North of Ambon. The fishery here is highly artisanal and carried out on very small boats (<1 GT). Trips to sea are less than one day and usually a day’s catch for a fisherman comprises of 1-2 large tuna and several smaller individuals, usually skipjack tuna. The large tuna is sold directly to the export market and the small fish are sold locally.

The new enumerators have started collecting data and spreading the word on sustainability in the communities in which they are based.



November 2012

We went to Maluku (Mollucas) and conducted a site survey to assess the landing activity for the Fishing and Living tuna data collection program. The team met with the village chief,  also a seasoned fisherman, to discuss sustainability and implementation of the data collection program.

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