January 2013

On January 21st, 2013 in Jakarta, Fishing and Living Program Manager, Aditya Utama, was chairing the coordination meeting on Coastal Tuna Fisheries in Indonesia hosted by The Ministry of Regional Development (KPDT).  The coordination was also attended by 3 speakers from respectable organization i.e. MSC, IPNLF and WWF Indonesia.  The MSC represented by Bill Holden, Pacific Fisheries Manager, John Burton, Trustees of International Pole and Line Foundation and Imam Mustofa from WWF Indonesia.

The meeting concluded with several good points such as that everyone agreed that eco-certification in Indonesia is necessary, need to establish a working group to work with government and addressing one by one the developed FIP for Indonesian Tuna Fisheries as a group and Fishing and Living Program will be the leader.  This will speed up the MSC certification process in Indonesia.

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