The Indian Ocean Longline Tuna Fishery

Where does your tuna come from?

Ocean of Harvest: Indian Ocean, FAO Area 51/57

Country of Origin: Mauritius, Madagascar and High Seas

The Indian Ocean Tuna Fishery is based out of Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. Mauritius is an island country in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of Africa and east of Madagascar. Mauritius water is a major fishing location in the Indian Ocean with abundant tuna resources. Fishing vessels will also occasionally catch Tuna in nearby locations such as Madagascar and High Seas.

Who caught your tuna?

Your tuna was caught by Taiwanese-flagged longline vessel licensed to fish in the Economic Exclusive Zones (EEZs) of Mauritius and nearby locations. All vessels must comply with the local and domestic laws and are registered on the regional vessel registry.


This fishery is a comprehensive fishery improvement project (FIP) since November, 2021. The FIP is led by Bumble Bee Foods and FCF Co., Ltd. and supported by Key Traceability. The FIP aims to achieve MSC certification by 2026. For more information about FIP progress visit the FIP profile on .