Water Filter Donation to Widya Asih Foundation in Karangasem, Bali

August 2012

Yayasan Widya Asih is home and shelter to children coming from poor families throughout Bali. It is where they can seek for better quality life and education. It has seven orphanages scattered in Singaraja, Karangasem, Bangli, Negara and Denpasar districts. Commonly each accommodates between twenty to fifty children. For daily drinking water, they rely on water from the well and government water company, PDAM. Tthey cook it and drink. For this amount of children, cooking the water consumes a lot of energy and fuel until they finally can drink it. Furthermore, what they can drink is very limited.

We installed a UV water filter in the orphanage. Orphanage staff has been trained to change the filter and check for proper water quality. The people there are amazed at the ease they can now access clean drinking water without the trouble of boiling it first and then letting it cool down.