Secretary of State John Kerry visits Fishing & Living

October 2013

Secretary of State John Kerry Praises Anova Food, LLC/USAID Supported Fishing and Living™ Foundation During Bali Visit

IMG_0430Secretary of State, John Kerry and the Indonesia Minister of Fisheries, Sharif C. Sutardjo were hosted on Sunday by the Fishing and Living™ Foundation in, Bali Indonesia and viewed its tuna sustainability operations conducted at the Benoa Port. Secretary Kerry commented, “The United States has deep interests in what is happening here, and deep connections to what is happening here. There is an NGO called Fishing and Living, which is working with and cooperating with the Government of Indonesia. And USAID is supporting that NGO.”

Through Anova Food, LLC, “…these fish come to Outback Steakhouse [and] to Wal-Mart. So everybody in America has a connection to what is happening here. And that’s why I wanted to come over here to congratulate them for what they’re doing and to learn a little more about it.”


The Fishing and Living™ Initiative, developed to implement Anova Food, LLC’s sustainability, community improvement, and aid projects, was awarded Foundation status last month in Indonesia.

Aditya Utama, Director of the Foundation welcomed Secretary Kerry and the Fisheries Minister and explained the sustainability operations conducted by the F&L Foundation with small scale community fisheries across Indonesia in partnership with USAID. Director Aditya Utama commented, “there are over 3 million small scale fishermen in Indonesia whose livelihood and Food Security depend on sustainable fisheries. The goal of the F&L Foundation is to ensure both the sustainability of the fish and the sustainability of the fisherman and his community.”

Two years ago in Bali, Indonesia, the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton personally presented Anova Food, LLC with recognition as the State Department’s Award for Corporate Excellence Finalist for its corporate social responsibility and sustainability work in fisheries across Indonesia.


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