Environmental Workshop to celebrate Coral Triangle Day 6 June 2014 in the Muhammadiyah Teacher Training University, Maumere

June 2014

Maumere Workshop 1
Maumere is one of MDPIs data collection locations and hence is also the recipient of various social programs run by MDPI. In order to celebrate Coral Triangle Day, which fell on the 6th of June 2014, the MDPI held an environmental workshop with the aim of coaching environmental appreciation and knowledge to the up and coming teachers of Muhammadiyah Teachers’ Training College, Maumere with the theme “Know Your Environment for the Future”. 26 Participants attended the event. The activity was officially opened by the vice-rector of University of Muhammadiyah saying “The spirit and importance of social activities aiming towards environmental maintenance need to be improved to jointly protect and improve the public’s understanding of nature and to love the environment”.

Maumere Workshop 2

The MDPI team on site Adlien, Wildan and Bestson acted as the facilitators in delivering materials on sustainable fisheries, fisheries potential of Indonesia, and organizational management. Topics and objectives of the training were motivated by Indonesia being one of the 6 countries included in the Coral Triangle region and as millions of Indonesian citizens depend on fisheries and coastal activities.

“Indonesia certainly deserves to be protected and preserved ….sustainability supports both the fishery and the welfare of the communities. Happy Coral Triangle day…..”

The activities described in this article were conducted through kind donation from Anova Food LLC

Maumere Workshop 3

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