Tuna industry in Indonesia moving forward and committing to sustainability

July 2014

Anova, MDPI, other industry, NGOs and Indonesian government join forces through AP2HI to move Indonesian handline and Pole and Line tuna fisheries towards sustainability

logo AP2HILast June 24, the Ministry of marine Affairs and Fisheries, specifically the department Sumber Daya Ikan (SDI) supported a collaborative meeting between Industry members of the organization Asosiasi Perikanan Pole and Line dan Hand Line Indonesia (AP2HI)”, together with NGOs (MSC, WWF, MDPI, IPNLF), IMACS USAID and others to discuss the path of these 2 sustainable gears  (Handline and pole and line tuna) towards Marine Stewardship Certification (MSC).

“There are many aspects about Indonesian tuna fisheries which make this path to sustainability difficult but the industry has the power and initiative to drive it forward and Anova aims to be a driving force behind this”, “It is especially with the support of government, the various actively involved NGOs and the momentum which the group within AP2HI have gathered that makes this vision achievable” (Helen Packer, Fishing & Living Sustainability and Science coordinator).

A follow up meeting in July will discuss in more detail the responsibilities of the various stakeholders and a letter of commitment will be signed before this meeting by the various industry members to show their dedication to this goal.

The goal: Collaborative vision and hard work aiming to get Indonesian handline and Pole and Line tuna certified by end 2016.

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