Fishing & Living team grows in Vietnam!

November 2015

Anova/Fishing & Living has been involved in the Vietnam Longline/Handline tuna FIP since 2012 and became an industry FIP partner in 2014, shortly after the FIP implementation phase was aunched.

As a FIP partner, Anova/Fishing & Living plans to play an active role in the FIP and its activities. This is why, Fishing & Living recently hired (October 2015) Hong as a local FIP Implementer. Hong will be working closely with FIP stakeholders to implement and support the FIP in Vietnam.

IMG_7001-1“I was born in the a mountainous province, but I love the sea especially the life of fishermen. In 2007, I chose to study capture fisheries technologies at Nha Trang University. After graduation, I accepted a position at the Institute of Marine and Fishing Technology and then became a researcher for the Research Institute for Marine Fisheries (RIMF), where I would stay for the next 4 years.
When working for RIMF, I gain experience about fisheries and was involved in a number of field activities such as interviews, port sampling, observer etc.
For now, the fisheries is facing problems such as stock assessment, stock management, environmental degradation; post-harvest losses; socio-economics and policy issues for alleviating poverty; exchange of relevant information and experiences; bycatch and ETPs. So I think the sustainable fisheries very important for Vietnam.
I believe that Fishing & Living have steps in the right direction for sustainable fisheries Vietnam, first for the yellowfin tuna fishery, but also for other fisheries. I look forward to work on the Fishing & Living team a sustainable, efficient and permanent development of tuna fisheries in Vietnam.”
Welcome Hong!

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