Vietnam- First Milestones for the Fishery Improvement Project

September 2014

IMG_20140826_113223324The first FIP implementation workshop for the Vietnam longline and handline yellowfin fishery took place last week in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam. The aim of the workshop was to gather all FIP participants and discuss the various roles and responsibilities as well as plan activities for the following year. With the support of WWF and VinaTuna, the group identified key issues and priorities to address within the next year.

How the FIP will be coordinated between industry partners, governmental bodies and WWF was presented. The FIP action plan was rolled out with specific milestones and a FIP budgeting and financing plan was suggested to the participants and will be finalized by November 2014.

As a FIP partner, ANOVA Fishing & Living has suggested a number of activities and milestones to be involved in such as:

1) Provide support for expansion of Observer Program training and implementation

2) Support activities for sharks such as fishermen awareness workshops

3) Raise awareness and engage supply chain partners in implementing better fishing practices

4) Attend regional fisheries management to advocate for better management measures and;

5) Provide recommendation to the government of Vietnam on improved fisheries management

Fishing & Living will be also member of the FIP Industry Advisory Group, comprised of other FIP partners and WWF. The IAG will serve to facilitate coordination and effective communication between the various FIP partners/companie involved. Roles of the IAG include providing feedback and advice to WWF on FIP implementation, advise the development and implementation of a FIP traceability system and a FIP sustainable financing plan.

Read WWF’s meeting report here.

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