F&L, VINATUNA and local supplier organize FIP training workshop for Phu Yen fishermen


On January 19, 2019, Fishing & Living Program together with VINATUNA and Hong Ngoc Company organized a training workshop on ” Tuna Fishing Improvement in Phu Yen” for Tuna in Phu Yen province.

In this training workshop, various elements of the FIP and market demand for sustainability were presented including eco- labels, MSC certification, world trends on sustainability and the benefits of sustainability implementation. In this part, we got a lot of interest from fishermen with many questions about the benefit of MSC certification and how to achieve it. The importance of having fishermen involvement and support in in the FIP was emphasized.

Moreover, VINATUNA presented fishermen with an update of the new fishery law 2017 which became effective in January 2019, pointing some of the sustainability provision in the law.

Presentations on the the importance of Endangered Threatened or Protected species (ETPs) conservation were also given, with many fishermen asking for more information on how to improve their practices to better protect those species.

The training workshop was extremely successful. Fishermen were very participatory, which allowed for interesting and animated discussions. The Fishing & Living program would like to thank VINATUNA and Hong Ngoc company for supporting this training workshop as well as all the fishermen who attended in this workshop.

Author: Dong Quang Hong

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